Speed Up Your Metabolism

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Everyone knows those people who can just keep on eating whatever they want and they never put on weight. Have you ever wondered if they were just born like that, or their body is different, or perhaps they are just lucky? If you have friends, or know people who eat similarly to you, yet remain slim while your metabolic rate holds you back and leads to weight gain, then this simple hypnosis MP3 can help you. It is your subconscious mind which regulates every one of your bodily processes without needing your conscious input – for example, your natural muscle tension, your heart-rate and your breathing, your digestion system and your metabolic rate. And just as you can use hypnosis to relax muscle tension, lower your blood pressure or your heart rate, you can use it to take control of your metabolic rate – and this hypnosis session aims you do exactly that. By utilizing powerful hypnotic suggestions Catalyst Hypnosis Center’s “Speed up Your Metabolism” hypnosis MP3 will stimulate your metabolic rate to increase, enabling you to take off that stubborn weight easily!

All of Catalyst Hypnosis Center’s MP3s contain bilateral inductions. For best results listen to these hypnosis sessions with headphones. As with most Hypnosis MP3s and CDs, do not listen to these sessions while driving or doing anything that requires your conscious attention.

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